About us

Since 1991 the Hanns-Lilje House has existed a as hotel and conference centre of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hanover. Hanns Lilje was bishop of the church of Hanover from 1947 until 1971 and he was a significant personality of his time. He once said:

„A bishop (…)has to explain to the general public outside the limits of the traditional churchdom, that there is a church and what its tasks are.”
According to his quotation the Hanns-Lilje House is to be a place of encounter, not just for Christians, but it should also serve for all other guest or guest groups as an accommodation and meeting place. We take the word “serve” literally, since we focus on the well-being of our guests.

Die Geschichte des Hauses

Bild: Hanns-Lilje-Haus

The trading roads with many shops, which had been very busy in the prewar period, were mostly destroyed at the end of World War II. As were the building of the Regional Church Office and the consistory located in the “Calenberger Neustadt”.
Therefore they decided to buy the former properties and buildings of the present HLH close by the Marktkirche (market church) and to accommodate the administration of the regional church there.

From 1947 until 1957 today`s Hanns-Lilje House was home to the Regional Church Office, however the local requirements became too big and a new building was required. The school for church music (Kirchenmusikschule) including a student residence moved into the old building, and served as educational institution and meeting center for church musicians. With this, the foundation stone for a conference centre was laid.

Therefore, it happened that the Hanns-Lilje House, after former bishop Hirschler had inaugurated it on 12 of April 1991, was geared to the section of church music.
As time went on, it opened to other guest groups. Today it is open to everyone.


Our guiding principles

We are committed and competent hosts and have the well-being of our guests and the answer of all their wishes at heart.

We have Christian values and we cherish a polite and respectful contact with our guests as well as with our colleagues. We appreciate our team and assume responsibility for everyone.

We reinforce thereby the presentation of the Hanns-Lilje House as a place of encounter and accommodation for guests in our city.

Our team

A team, consisting of 23 employees attends to the well-being of our guests. The Hanns-Lilje House is a training company for fully trained hotel staff. Furthermore, we cooperate with the Hannoverschen Werkstätten offering internships and jobs to persons with disabilities.